From here You can find Open End Glues, Sealing Adhesives, Corrosion Protection paints and other chemicals needed in lining.

Open End Glues

Very fast binding adhesive for making the glued open end.

Silicon bladder repair


Epoxy stain removal

Sealing Adhesives

Pipe Lubricants

Corrosion Protection paints

Special paints for the protection of the cutting heads of the cast iron pipes.

Silicon Oil for Bladder

Relining Lubricants, silicon oils, silicon glues, etc.

Liner Lubricants

Flexible Shaft Lubricant

Drain Tracing Dyes

Drain Dye is a non-toxic and odourless drain tracer product for finding leaks, drain damage, contamination and water pathways. It is easy to use, non-harmful and highly concentrated.