Pipe Grinding & Cleaning

From here You can find Carbide Brushes, Cables & Covers, Grinding Chains, Cleaning and Coating Brushes and other Pipe Grinding Accessories.

Spring Layer Cables

Spring Layer Cables for pipe grinding. Used together with the cable cover. Can be rotated in both directions. The spring layer cable is safe to use thanks to its structure and the cable does not get tangled when the grinding chain gets stuck.

Carbide Brushes

Carbide Brushes are intended for cleaning and roughening plastic pipes before coating. Carbide brushes can also be used for cleaning deteriorated cast iron pipes.

Cyclone Chains

Cyclone chain for pipe grinding and for removal of seal and lead. With Cyclone chain You can also cut quickly the excess of cured liner that has overshot during the lining process into the main line.

PVC Chain 4mm

Cleaning and Coating Brushes

Nylon brushes for pipe cleaning and coating. Made in EU.

Grinding Accessories

From the Grinding Accessories You will find cable connectors, securing rings and all other small accessories for pipe grinding.

Cross Layer Cables

Strong cross layer cables for pipe grinding and opening the lined branch connection. Used together with the cable cover - rotation clockwise.

Standard Chain 3mm

Standard Chain 4mm

Cable Covers

Cable covers for cross- and spring layer cables.

T-Slide X-Chain

Adjustable T-Slide Grinding Chains made from stainless steel can now be found in the following sizes: 2½", 4", 6" and 8".

Tiger Chain 3mm

Tiger Chain 4mm

Adjustable Premium Class grinding chains also for removal of liner. Chains are made from Stainless Steel.

Ready-to-use Cables

Ready-to-use Cables includes cable, T-connectors / drill connectors, sleeves and cable cover.