Plumbing Supplies

Drain Caps and covers, Sewer Plugs and other plumbing supplies.

AccessPoint kit

Access for CCTV & Drain Clearance. The Access Point offers a secure point of entry into plastic, ductile and cast iron pipes.

It is designed for entry into drainage systems where no man hole exists, or there is no other means of access.

Drain Couplings

Flow-Through Pipe Stoppers

Flow-Through plugs with steel plates, brass wing nuts and plastic blanking caps.

Suitable for air or water testing of drains and for arranging by-pass pumping.

Pipe Couplings

Flap Valves

Icon Pushfit Couplings

Ever needed to connect a pipe that’s been cut off at the surface? Icon Pushfit Couplings connect two pipes using the internal surface in 30 seconds or less.

Adaptor Couplings

Trap Adapter for Sink

An easy-to-use adapter for metal washbasins with a solid drainage pipe.

Flexible Couplings

Flexseal Couplings are specifically designed to connect and repair pipes of different materials or sizes used in sewerage, drainage and other underground applications.

Drain caps and Cover plates

Elegant stainless steel cover plates and smaller Drain caps for pipes out of use.

Connections for concrete pipes