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Boldan webshop for B to B sales. By registering you can see the prices and make orders. We also supply the products of Spraypoxy and Boldan Inc.

The webshop only displays part of our products - if you haven't found what you are looking for, please contact our sales team.

Calibration Hoses

Calibration Hoses are used in open-end installations to squeeze the liner to the wall of the pipe. Also used in the manufacture of glued open-end liner and to ...Show more prevent excessive swelling of the liner in free space. Calibration Hoses are also available in flexible and heat resistant versions.

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Pushable cameras with flexible cables for the diverse imaging needs of pipes for private and industrial use.


From here You can find Open End Glues, Sealing Adhesives, Corrosion Protection paints and other chemicals needed in lining.

Epoxy Resins

Our selection includes several different epoxy resin product families to guarantee that you will always find the best product for each job. We only sell tested ...Show more and safe epoxy resins which are designed specifically for pipe renovation work.

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Floor Drains

Floor Drain Inserts, Trap Plates, Maintenance Plugs and tools for grinding cast iron floor drains.

IMS Robotics

IMS Robotics is specialized for designing, engineering and manufacturing of robots for the sewer rehabilitation and for the pipe inspection.

Inversion Drum Supplies

Extension hoses, Nozzles and other accessories for Inversion Drums.

Lateral Cutters & Milling Heads

The MultiCut series offers many different options for combining grinding blades, sandpaper holders and centralizers. Here You can also find Cup Blades and all ...Show more other supplies needed for opening the lateral connection.

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Boldan offers liners in numerous sizes, from 30mm to 500mm (1 3/16” – 20”) in diameter.

Lining Supplies

Lining Plugs, Protection Materials, Brake Bands, Mixing buckets, Jubilee Clips, Steel Bands & locks, Dry Toilets and other accessories.

Machines & Equipment

From here You can find Installation Equipment, Pipe Cutting Systems, Pipe Grinding Machines, Air Compressors, Calibration Rollers, Bypass Pumps stations and other ...Show more machines and equipment needed in pipe rehabilitation.

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Packer Supplies

Packer Supplies section consists of Packer heads, Middle Bars, Push Rods & Turning Handles, etc.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) categories has Safety Gloves and Goggles.

Pipe Grinding & Cleaning

From here You can find Carbide Brushes, Cables & Covers, Grinding Chains, Cleaning and Coating Brushes and other Pipe Grinding Accessories.

Plumbing Supplies

Drain Caps and covers, Sewer Plugs and other plumbing supplies.


Preliner is installed between old pipe and the liner in order to protect liner and resins for example from dampness and sharp edges. Preliner also avoids spreading ...Show more of the dissolved resin and other substances from the liner to the area surrounding the pipe.

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Thanks to 3D cutting, our Sideliner connection pieces always sit tightly and ensure the water-tightness of the branching. With flexible connection pieces even ...Show more the most challenging branches are easily and quickly fixed.

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Sideliner Bladders

We manufacture the highest quality installation tools for Sideliners on the market. Hand-crafted tools are also suitable for steam curing.

Sideliner Bodies / Packers

Sideliner bodies for professional use. Very strong, yet flexible, colorless POM bar bars allow installation up to 90 ° bends.

Sideliner SDL bladders

With Sideliner SDL system You can install connection piece from the lateral connection.


Coating with Spraypoxy System increases remarkably lifespan of pipes. The material is highly resistant to pressure, detergents and other chemicals and grease. ...Show more Spraypoxy also offers long-lasting corrosion and wear-protection.

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UHRIG / Quick Lock

The UHRIG Quick-Lock system is more than just a repair procedure. The patented Quick-Lock system on a compression base and the long-lived materials of V4A stainless ...Show more steel and EPDM have proven themselves in internal pipe repair for years.

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